New In-House Painting Pixels Brochure

The new painting pixels brochure has finally come together!

Containing highlights of our best work, and all of our services, the booklet is a comprehensive guide to everything Painting Pixels has to offer.

The booklet was designed to be pocket sized, yet it is packed with information not only about our services, but also about the way we develop ideas, work with clients and find creative solutions.

Painting Pixels Brochure Advertisement Leaflet

The booklet started simply as a sketch on white paper, with just the basic ideas.

New In-House Painting Pixels Brochure 1

The next step was to put everything in to Indesign and pull in and lay out all of the highlights from our show-reel in a collage format. We created all of the service descriptions and kept them short and sweet, making the images the focus of the booklet.

New In-House Painting Pixels Brochure 2

Through many prototypes and tweaks we decided to make the booklet 100mm x 100mm so that it would be easy to pick up, flick through and then put in a pocket (rather than scrunch up and stuff in a bag).

New In-House Painting Pixels Brochure 3

At Painting Pixels we offer a full print service, including delivery, saving our clients the hassle of going to different companies for design and print; we do it all. Our first prototypes were printed on our little office printer, however as the design moved on we used our high quality in house printers, which really made the colours pop and the booklets come to life.


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