New Advertising Banner at Ipswich Town Football Club

You may have already seen it, but if not; check out our new advertising banner featured at the Ipswich Town football club.

We are mega happy with how it has looks and our brand colours really make it pop out.

It’s always tricky when creating any advertising material as it all too easy to stuff it with as much content as possible.

Brands often want to tell their life stories on every promotional piece and we are guilty of that too.

In this instance we restrained ourselves and went super minimal. So much so that we even left out our website address. Was this a step too far? Or will our brand do the talking for us.

We believe we have optimised our website and brand enough that people will still find us, with a minimal amount of information. So let’s see how this experiment goes and find out how strong out brand and optimisation is.

New Advertising Banner at Ipswich Town Football Club 1

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