Web Related Terms and Conditions

Painting Pixels works with (Hosting for Business) in order to bring you a full website design and development service with extended web service options including –  website hosting, emails, backup options and a monthly maintenance service.

By using any of these services you agree that you have read and fully understand the terms and conditions. (Also our terms are subject to change at any stage and without warning so please check back regularly)

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Terms and Conditions


By using our website design and development service you agree that –

  • Design and Approval – You will approve all designs in a timely manner and any delay in approval will extend the build time and potentially lose your build slot.


  • Content and files – You will provide any content, copy, data, file etc in a timely manner and understand that any delay in this process will extend the development process and potentially lose your build slot.


  • License and Copyright – You are responsible for ensuring you hold the correct license and copyright for any content provided to us.


  • Text copy – You are responsible for checking any text copy provided to us. We will simply copy and paste. (We can provide an optional copy writing and checking service for an additional fee. Please let us know if you would like to use such a service before we begin the development process.)


  • WordPress and CMS – We build all our websites on WordPress. WordPress allows for the website to utilise a content management system (CMS). This is an open source product and is not developed by us nor are we responsible for the product, security or updates. Upon completion of the website you will be provided with a backend WordPress access login. You are responsible for all security updates to ensure the safety and integrity of the website. (If you take out one of our maintenance packages, available for an additional free; we can ensure that the website is running with the latest security updates.)


  • Plugins – We often use third party plugins to speed up build time and keep your costs low. Sometimes we use free plugins and sometimes we use paid plugins. You are responsible for maintaining and updating the plugins and you are responsible for keeping up payments for paid plugins.


  • Browsers – We only code and test for the latest browsers available at the time of development. Our testing is limited to Safari, Firefox, Chrome and Microsoft edge.


  • Responsive – Our responsive sites are only tested on the latest versions of the iOS and Android platform.


  • Hacking – We do not take responsibility for your website being hacked or any loss of data or any impact on your business and finances. You must take all measures to ensure your site is not hacked by ensuring you keep all aspects of the site up to date and ensure you use secure passwords etc


  • Ranking and Submission – You understand that; simply having a website does not mean you will automatically appear on search engines or rank highly in search results. We will not automatically submit your website. This is an additional paid option that we can provide along with our SEO services.


  • Other third party updates – You understand that a perfectly functioning website might work one moment and break the next due to a number of reasons including user error, updates in the main-frame including WordPress, updates to plugins and updates to the browsers, which are all beyond our control. And some of these updates are automatic. Additionally, some of these updates also cause vulnerabilities in otherwise securely written code and scripts. You understand that we are not liable for any of those issues that may occurs. If any such problems, do occur we can fix this for an additional fee.


  • 14-day warranty – After completion of a website and once the project has been signed off and handed over to you. We will still provide help and maintenance for up to 14 days to allow time for you to get used to the site and create updates and allow the site to stabilise. If an automatic update occurs and breaks the site within this period, then we will fix it. If the site breaks within this period and it was user error, then we will charge you to fix it. If anything happens to the websites after these 14 days regardless of fault, then you are responsible and will be charged for any fixes that are carried out. After these 14 days we take no responsibility for any aspect of your site.


  • Server – If you use a third party server then you are responsible for the security and speed of the server and so your website. If the server is compromised and infects your website, then you may need to have your website re-built and will be charged accordingly.


  • C-panel Access – When we complete a project and it has been approved and signed off; we then provide you with back-end control panel login for C-panel, which is the control centre for your web files. You are responsible for this backend panel and for insuring the security of the panel with a secure password. You are also responsible for the content accessible and editable via this back-end. The backend has features if used incorrectly can break your site or lose it entirely or open it for hacking and attacks.


  • Passwords – You are responsible for all passwords and the security and integrity for the password. If we supply a password to you then you are responsible for changing the password to a more secure password as we often provide smaller passwords on a for immediate access and so you must ensure you change it to a secure password immediately.


  • WordPress Access – We allow access to the backend WordPress control panel once a website has been completed and signed off and sometimes also during the development process to get content populated quicker. You are responsible for this log-in and if you break or change any items that effect the website development, then you are liable for any re-work that may of occur and will be charged.


  • Training and Support – As stated above we use WordPress to develop our websites; and so can provide CMS training for an additional cost in order to get you up and running with your new website quickly. We charge for this training by the hour. Please contact us for more info. Otherwise there are many free instructional manuals that can be found online.


  • Backups – Once a website has been completed and signed off we then send you all your web files for you to keep as your master backup copy. You understand that websites are prone to attack and can easily break or cease to function due to many factors and so you are responsible for backing up and securing your backups regularly. We do not always archive website files so may not have the original master backup copy. So you will have to ensure that you have regular backups.


  • Updates and Security – You are responsible for all updates including security and other updates for all and every aspect of your web. You are responsible for understanding the potential harm that might be caused if you don’t update and also the damage that may be caused as a result of updating.


  • Content, Links and Forms – You are responsible for ensuring that all content on your website is accurate and that all links correctly connect to the desired locations. Also you must test and ensure that all forms work correctly. We take no responsibility for any loss in data or business, financial or otherwise. If you spot an error it is your responsibility to inform us and we will fix the error for a fee.




By using our server to host your website you understand and agree to the following –

  • Security – Even though we have high levels of security and constantly keep the server up to date with security patches and always maintain the server to keep it at its best, we simply cannot guarantee that some form of virus and attack to our server may not occur in the future. And so we do not take responsibility if such an attack takes place on our server, which results in your website being hacked, taken down, used as a bot net or slowed down or any other issue that may negatively affect your site.


  • Server – From time to time we perform maintenance on our server which results in some downtime or we move our server entirely to a newer location. We take no responsibility in any effects that this might have on your website.


  • Uptime – We work hard to keep our server running 24 hours a day. However, we cannot guarantee 100% uptime and take no responsibility for any negative affect on your site as a result.


  • Backups – Unless you have a backup subscription with us then we will have no backups of your website. We do not back up the server either. You are responsible for creating your own backups for every aspect of your site including both the website and database.


  • Control panel – We provide you with C-panel back-end access whether we create your website for you or you just simply host with us. The access allows you to control many aspects of the server and administer functions. You take full responsibility in looking after this control panel and settings as it is possible to break, lose data and completely reset your panel via these controls and we may not be able to recover any data that you lose by using the control panel functions incorrectly.




By using our email service, you understand and agree to the following –

  • Uptime – We cannot guarantee that our email service will be up 100% and so we do not take any responsibility in any emails that are lost as a result of any down-time and or your loss of the ability to both send and receive emails and or any other negative affects to your email account.


  • Backups – We do not take any backups of your emails and we cannot guarantee that all your emails will be safely secured on our server and so it is your responsibility to download and backup your emails.


  • Hacking – It is your responsibility to ensure that your keep safe practices when using emails to ensure that you do not click malicious emails and links. It is your responsibility to ensure that your email account is not hacked.


  • Account and Passwords – It is your responsibility to create email accounts and ensure you use secure passwords.


  • C- panel – We provide you with back-end C-panel access for you to administer your website and email accounts. You are thus responsible for any damage caused to any accounts and services.




By using our back up service you agree and understand the following –

  • Backing up and frequency – We back up both your website and database. We back up once a month and the backup is created on the last day of every month.


  • Copies – We back up and save up to 3 consecutive months’ worth and constantly overwrite the oldest copy out of the last 3 months.


  • Safe content – At any one time your back up is stored in multiple locations for better peace of mind. We do our best to keep these locations secure and updated. However, we cannot guarantee that we will not be attacked or compromised and so take no responsibility in loss of any data stored and so are not liable for any data loss and so it is advisable that you keep a copy yourself.


  • Integrity of backup – Our backup process is a simple download and save process. We do not check or test the download nor do we look at or examine your website or files before download. So we do not take any responsibility if your websites and files are compromised and as a result every backup that we make being infected and unusable.


  • Backup note – Our backs do not include the back up of emails. It is only exclusive to the website and database.




By using our monthly maintenance package, you understand and agree to the following –

  • Our maintenance packages are carefully crafted to suit the size and work involved in maintaining and looking after your website and so terms of service differ on a case by case basis depending on your requirements.



Other Contractual Terms

By using any of our services you also understand and agree to the following –

  • Length period – All packages are subject to a 12-month minimum. However, you are free to move to another service provider at any time within the contract period but you will still need to pay the full 12-month value.


  • VAT – All prices shown exclude VAT. So VAT will be added to all services at the current UK rate.


  • Upgrade and downgrade packages – You can upgrade at any time during your 12-month contract period but you cannot downgrade.


  • Responsibility of over use of data allowance – If you are over quota for your allocated disk space then all your services will stop functioning and you will lose data and miss emails, and will not be able to download and backup your database etc. You are responsible for checking your remaining disk allowance by using the C-panel backend and then requesting an upgrade to a new package that can accommodate your usage.


  • Passwords – If you misplace or lose your password and require a reset, we may be able to carry this out for you but we will charge you an additional fee every time.


  • Data and recovery – We are not responsible for any data lose, any attack or anything else that impacts the provided service and or your business negatively. However, should you lose any of your data we may be able to recover it, but we will charge an additional fee.


  • Data allowance – The quota for your data allowance is for your full use of the server including both hosting web files and emails and every other use of the server. Everything used and saved and installed comes at this single quota.