Architectural Visualisation

Bespoke 3D Architectural Visualisation Service

Painting Pixels are specialists in 3D modelling and animation and with our knowledge in architectural design and engineering we can design and visualise stunning 3D interiors and exteriors and animated fly-throughs for both commercial and residential buildings.

Below are some 3D renders showcasing our 3D Architectural Visualisations.

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UK 3D House Building 3D Render

Exterior 3D Renders

We model, texture, animate and render out bespoke 3d visuals and animated fly-throughs for any house type. Our high quality 3D renders are perfect for pre-visulaistion, planning and for sales brochures. They can help speed up the planning process and help clients see what their new house will look like before it’s built.

Interior 3D Renders

Our realistic 3D interior renders are perfect for easily sales where a show house is not yet built. And of course for developments that will not have a show house. We can model in the exact details and the final finish that the finished house will be built with.

Floor Plans, Site Maps and Brochure Design and Print

Along with any 3D visualisation we can deliver the entire new build package including floor plans, details site maps and design, print and deliver your sales brochure.

More 3D Visuals for Both Interior and Exterior

Exterior and Interior photo realistic renders from architectural projects from around the world.

Augmented Reality App (AR) Floor Plans and House Visualisation

Use our state of the art augmented reality app to bring your sales brochure and other markting material to life. Point the camera on the phone at any target and enjoy a new level of interactivity.

Anything is imaginable; point at a 3D render and allow it to play a 3d animated fly-though video. Or point at a map and allow it to pop up with a 3D interactive floor plan and layout.

We work with many companies within our local town of ipswich, suffolk and partner up with top Architectural and engineering companies to bring together accurate and visually realistic 3D renders.

We also supply our renders to many other building companies from neighbouring towns and counties like Colchester, Essex, Norwich, Norfolk, London and beyond.

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