Corporate Social Responsibility

Painting Pixels Corporate Social Responsibility


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Painting Pixels Ltd is a internationally recognised multimedia design studio based in Ipswich and is constantly striving to help others and give back where possible.

Some of the ways we give back include donating money, giving up our time, or allowing others to use our resources for free to help themselves grow and succeed.


  • Sometimes its the small things. And we do a lot of this; which includes allowing small charitable organisations to use our webs servers free of charge which gives them a small saving allowing them to put that money back in to their respective charities.
  • We also use green server so all our networked serves are carbon off set, meaning that for every bit of carbon they are responsible for; trees and other offsetting techniques are used to help bring back balance.
  • We also try and keep a paper less office and only print or use note pads where entirely necessary. We try and use digital notepads, reminders and calendars. We don’t even use Post’It notes. We send all information digitally so we do not require paper or envelopes etc. And even all out artwork and ideas, graphics and sketches are all made digitally on the computers.
  • We make a point of turning off all non-essential electrical items and use ‘A’ rated appliances.
  • We work closely with schools and university’s and bring in students to our workplace and provide them with essential work experience.
  • We do many conferences and talk to schools and colleges to help inspire then next generation of artists and designers.
  • We set industry standard projects for students to help them get a more realistic education in their respective sectors.
  • We often bring in candidate from organisations such as the job centre, Princes Trust and provide apprenterships