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Full Service Digital Marketing Agency

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Painting Pixels is a full service Digital Marketing, animation and distribution agency, with headquarters based in London Canary Wharf and a production studio in Ipswich, Suffolk.

We develop bespoke digital marketing content and paid advertising campaigns, which are all fully project managed.

2D, 3D Animation And Explainer Video Specialists

Our service includes full development of marketing strategies, creation of all digital content and distribution to popular platforms including; your own website, social media channels like facebook, Twitter, Instagram and YouTube and also TV and VOD services.

As a fully integrated Multimedia Design Studio, we can create any digital marketing content or mobile app development required to fulfil your marketing goals.

We can develop a whole new brand for you, including a new Logo and Graphic Design, Website Design, create a bespoke 2D Explainer Animation and high-end 3D Animations too.

We can integrate these animations with our Video Production service and output bespoke TV Advert Productions for local and national TV, creating a visual spectacle to shout about and showcase who you are, what you do and why your customers need to use your services or buy your products.

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Multimedia Design Services

2d animation service is perfect for use in company corporate and explainer videos to help showcase your business services and processes. Jazz it up with bespoke character animation and 2d motion graphics using our 2d animation services and animated corporate video service.
– 2D Animated Explainers
– Corporate Explainer
– Services Explainer Video

3d animation service is a great way to tell a story and visually demonstrate a complicated or technical product or process. Also perfect for 3d characters, automotive renders and epic landscape scenes for TV and other video productions. 
– 3D Technical Explainer
– 3D Character Animation
– 3D Medical Explainer
– 3D Product Renders
3D Architectural Services

Use our Digital Marketing and SEO services to get your website and business found online and generate better brand awareness. Create a buzz around your products and services and advertise via social media, TV and VOD services. Talk to us about our media buying services for tv and radio.
Social Media Services
PPC Services
SEO Services

High-end video production service; filming and editing solutions for all forms of productions. We have the knowhow, technology and facilities to film productions for TV, including TV shows and TV adverts. We also cater for corporate videos; filming and editing together bespoke pieces to help you showcase your business products, processes and services. Our green-screen and lighting facilities allow for the perfect scene.

We offer bespoke and premium graphic design services for existing companies looking to rebrand and also for new startup companies looking to shout-out to the world with new eye-catching logo and graphic design. We offer full branding packages and brand guidelines. Ask as about our animated logo idents.
Logo Design Service

We design bespoke and beautifully crafted websites. Our websites are created from the ground up with a responsive structure; perfect for desktop, tablet computers and mobile smart phones. We both design and develop the websites so you get exactly what you want without limitations of a template. We also offer a cost effect solutions which are fully maintained and include hosting and emails.
Brochure Website
Ecommerce Website

Painting Pixels TV Advert production service can help you get your brand in front of millions of UK TV viewers. We offer a full start to finish advertising service; so we can plan, design and then produce your perfect TV advert. We can also buy the air time and submit to your chosen channel and distribute it nationally or locally.

Everyday, millions of mobile applications are being downloaded from the IOS and Android stores as more people go mobile with powerful new smartphone and tablet devices. A mobile application can service a multitude of businesses and deliver a seamless native experience to your customers or client base, so don’t miss out; start your mobile app development today!

Design Company

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Portfolio Projects

Painting Pixels Digital Marketing Agency London Ipswich Full Service Design Studio Portfolio Projects

Vast Back Catalogue of Work and Experience

Browse through our vast portfolio of design and digital marketing projects created for clients all around the world.

We have extensive experience in the field of digital design and marketing and can confidently take on large projects with a keen eye for detail.

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