Why you should use our video and animation digital marketing service

Almost everyone now has access to high speed internet, whether it be at home or on the move via a smart phone connected to a 4g network. 

This availability and convenience has helped in the massive online consumption of rich media content including videos and animations. 

This has altered peoples behaviour and habits and changed the way they prefer to consume information online; whether it be for entertainment or educational purposes. 

And so a person would choose a video equivalent over reading a long text and picture based article. So much so, that even Google prioritises video over text articles where available. 

The same applies to social media; when scrolling through facebook or twitter people are far more likely to view a video and animation over a text based advert. 

Our digital marketing service keeps your brand fresh and relevant by creating new media content on a monthly basis. We take care of the whole online marketing and advertising process for you including, developing a strategy, creating all the content and distributing it on your behalf. 

Allowing your business to gain better online exposure and get your brand in front of more potential customers or to build a stronger fanbase.

So let your business be part of the new generation of online aware brands and take advantage of digital video marketing.  

Find out more about our digital marketing service or contact us today on 01473857860 or email us on [email protected] for a free consultation.

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