The importance of 3D Animation and Modelling

As technology advances the costs of having a large monitor or TV becomes far cheaper and nearly everyone has a phone capable of playing rich multimedia. Helped by new hardware, software and desktop browser technologies, the types of content that people receive have become far more visually appealing. Gone are the days were you had to describe your products or services with multiple paragraphs of text, confusing your potential clients or customers. 3D animation is here to solve these marketing issues!

3D animation and product modelling have become very affordable and businesses are turning to this useful technology more and more every day. 3D animation is a great way to visualise any product, process or service in a more visual, easy to understand and clear manner. Also people are far more willing to watch a 30 second animation describing a business or product than spend even 5 seconds reading about what a company does.

The possibilities of creating and visualising anything in a virtual 3D environment is endless. It allows you to demonstrate anything imaginable from a new product, which is still to be manufactured saving costs on prototyping to creating a full 3D animated cartoon for TV or even bringing a presentations to life.

Once an animation has been created it can be used in many ways including being displayed on TV big or small, included in a presentations and even uploaded to a website.
At Painting Pixels our team of talented artists are able to help your organisation create unique and engaging 3D animations. We can create any form of 3D animation or render no matter how complex or obscure, such is the beauty of 3D technology, where the only limitation is the imagination.