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Social Media Management

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Painting Pixel offers a full service social media management service including the creation of a full strategy, bespoke content creation and distribution. 

Most companies will register multiple social media platforms for their organisation in order to get better outreach and engaging their customer or fanbase! But it’s important to ask a few questions beforehand, or otherwise you will end up wasting time and delivering content that will no doubt annoy visitors and bring you little engagement. So ask yourself – 

–  What you posting?

  • Why are you posting it? 
  • Is the account set up correctly?
  • Is it branded up and connected correctly? 

It’s critical to post engaging and meaningful content for your social media platforms. Never post just for the sake of posting or because you think you should be posting. 

Have a goal, create a strategy and create the correct type of content that will engage users and drive traffic and ultimately increase sales and create growth! 

Here at Painting Pixels we do exactly that! 

We help businesses like yours, to succeed in this ever changing environment, grow your social media following and generate traffic! To create growth for you company we work using the following pipeline – 

Consultation – We offer a free consultation service were we will talk through your agenda in more detail with you and set out goals according to your monthly budget.

Audit – We will look through your social media platforms and determine their usability and requirements based on your business type and goals. Not all businesses need every social media platform; it’s just wasted time and energy if it’s ineffective. 

Strategy – With your goals in place, we will develop a strategy to create engaging content which will be very flexible. This means that your content type is not fixed; using the analytics stage we will better determine what works and what doesn’t and adjust content accordingly and refine it so to give it maximum potential for success. 

Housekeeping – Based on the findings from the audit stage we will clean off anything that we find on your social media pages that might do more harm than good. Additionally we will ensure that all the correct types of accounts are being used and also set up correctly and finally ensure any and all branding is fully set up too. If our recommended platforms have not already been set up; we will do this on your behalf! 

Content Production – This is the main production stage, where we create all the necessary content including graphics, 2d animations, 3d animations, video productions or a mixture of all of them. Again depending on your goals, business type and budget. There is always a solution for everyone! Because we plan, produce and implement everything in-house; we can easily change a style of a piece of content and re-envision it to work with the latest trend or capitalise in a certain social moment / feeling with maximum efficiency! 

Distribution – Our service can be both hands on or off depending on your style. If you prefer to leave it all with us and allow us to simply work as your own in-house marketing studio; then we can additionally construct the posts and distribute for you. This will ensure regular updates and consistency throughout all of your campaigns and not forgetting that it saves you and your team time to work on your actual business! 

Paid Promotion – In addition to the creation and distribution of the posts, we can also help you create paid promotions. We will set up the paid advertising for you and ensure that it’s making the most out of your advertising budget. For more info on this service please see our ‘Social Media Advertising Service’.

Analytics – Once we start creating and distributing content; we will start analysing the insights provided by each of the platforms and determine which content was more effective and perform A/B testing.

Adjustments – With the information gathered at this stage we can then make a more informed decision about ongoing content and strategies. This is a continuous process and constantly shifts to improve goals and create maximum value.

The social media channels that we support currently are listed below and you will find individual information on each on the social networks using the links.

Use Social Media To Increase Traffic

You can choose to either use us to help and manage a single channel or a choice of multiple.