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LinkedIn network management, media creation, distribution and paid advertising campaigns

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Linkedin as a platform is constantly evolving as they add new features and updates to their system. This is great as it allows its users to do a far greater amount of things then the original intended feature set enabled them to perform. 

However due to these bolt-on updates, Linkedin has become a conglomerate of many different ideas and features that are found on other platforms. 

But because it was not built like this from the ground up, many items feel a bit clunky and navigation to find the correct pages or to create a post are difficult at best. 

These are many of the challenges our clients report to us and so we help them to navigate this sea of mess, because behind all the unstructured madness is a solid base of quality business leads which need to be tapped in to. 

And so painting pixels help to manage your business Linkedin page and create eye catching and useful content for your audience, which we will also distributes for you. 

So contact us today to start your Linkedin journey and capitalise on your network! 

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