Facebook Marketing and Paid Advertising

Facebook Marketing

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Keep your Facebook page fresh and relevant with our Facebook marketing service. We create all the content including graphics, video and animation content. We then can distribute and promote products and services for your by setting up paid promotional campaigns. Our services involves full strategy and management so you can get on with your day. 

We can create a unique Facebook advertising and promotions strategy for your business and help you mange your Facebook account by creating bespoke rich media content including graphics, illustration and video.

Painting Pixels manages your Facebook account on your behalf so you can get on and run your business. We will ensure all facets of your Facebook page is up to date and correctly set up with a full Facebook audit; and we will update and create icons and banners where required to keep your  Facebook profile page in good standing and unto date. 

As its a full managed service, we also distribute a steady stream of thought-through content for your business on a regular basis to make sure your customer base always knows that you and your services are still very much available; because if your out of site then your out of mind! 

Facebook Paid Advertising

We can then set up professional paid advertising campaigns for your content and ensure that it reaches the maximum potential customers and provides a worthwhile ROI.

So contact us today to start your Facebook journey!

We can also help you manage the following social media accounts –