UV8 3D Logo Design

3D Logo Design – Ready for Animation

It was a pleasure to work with Nick from UV8 and help him develop a new 3D logo for his new drone flying venture.

It was a superfast turnaround as Nick knew exactly what he wanted and even drew a rough doodle. We love the ideas part of a project and creating multiple designs and even the back and forth process with a client. But when time is short; its great developing and creating products from client ideas.

We started by breaking down the rough client sketch and then started modelling the lettering using our 3D modelling and animation package; Lightwave 3d.

At the same time a separate artist started working on the drone design, which would later become the ‘8’ in the logo design.


It went through the standard 3D pipeline procedure and so once the lettering and drone items had been modelled and textured, it was time to take it in to the Lightwave Layout package and set up the camera angles and lighting.


We then rendered out the final CGI graphic at full 1080p HD resolution and took the rendered PNG to our post production suit. In this instance our package of choice was Photoshop. Within the package we added the final lighting and grading effects.

The Result

Take a look at the results below. Additionally the logo has been set up in such a way that it is future proofed, so easy to create a 3d animation making it perfect for creating animated ident’s.

uav8 3d logo master


So call us today if you require your own 3D logo design.