Suffolk Halal – Branding & Website

The Client

Established in Ipswich, Suffolk Halal is renowned for stocking a wide variety of convenience and food products from around the world. When Suffolk Halal approached us they had no branding or online presence and were looking for affordable and functional solutions.


The Deliverables

Logo Design – Produce a logo for use on the website and other digital or print media in the future. The logo needs to include the text ‘Suffolk Halal’.

Website Design – Design a website that makes use of the logo styling. The design needs to be simple, clear and easy to understand.

Website Development – Develop the designed website built on a content management system to allow the addition, edit or removal of website content by the client with no required coding knowledge.


Our Process

Logo Design

The first deliverable we addressed was the logo design. The client had no specific ideas or requests regarding the logo design and as such our artists were given the freedom to create what they felt would work well for the business. The finished logo was one that the client immediately liked and decided to use.

Suffolk Halal Logo

Website Design

The website design was important for the client as they were looking for something that fit with their logo but was also easy to navigate. After going over the possible styles with the client it was clear that they were after a more traditionally designed website and something more affordable. The design was put together quickly for the clients approval and after a few alterations and additions the client was really happy with how the website would look.

Suffolk Halal - Branding & Website 1 Suffolk Halal - Branding & Website 2 Suffolk Halal - Branding & Website 3 Suffolk Halal - Branding & Website 4 Suffolk Halal - Branding & Website 5

Website Development

The final stage of the project was the website development. The website was to be built on a content management system that allowed the client complete control over all website content. This meant the flexibility to add, edit or remove text and images on the website and its included gallery. Once finished we went through the backend system with the client explaining how the system works and ensuring their complete satisfaction.

The Result

The finished project was a quick, easy and affordable multimedia solution to getting your companies branding and online presence set up. The client was incredibly happy with the final solutions and gives us their recommendation regularly.