Stone Productions – 2D Animation

Stone Productions came to the team at Painting Pixels looking for some professional, frame by frame 2D Animation to present attractive visuals alongside the assortment of women’s products for varying lifestyles.

Frame by frame animation:

Frame by frame animation, by its very nature, shares more in common with traditional hand-drawn Disney animations than modern digital animation.

This is because, instead of creating singular visuals and animating them [post creation, we instead create a brand new, hand drawn image for each individual frame. 24 unique frames are created for each individual second of footage. These frames are then brought together and played out as a video file, comparative to a flipbook animation.

Because of the nature of the creation of frame by frame animation, it means more time and effort needs to be put into each and every individual frame, but this results in far smoother results and a more traditional and arty feel.

The Process:

We outlined clear ideas that visualised the different lifestyles and created the initial

After the initial visuals for the different lifestyles had been created we started work on the individual segments of the animation, one by one.

Like all of our clients, we kept Stone Productions involved with every step of development with the animations.

The result:

After multiple incarnations of a few different scenes, we finalised the clips and presented stone animations with high quality final video files as well as optimised files for them to use within their own video production process.