SEO Positive – 3D Animation

The Client

SEO Positive are a company that helps other businesses through search engine optimisation, a practice which enables your website to appear more highly in search engine results. When SEO Positive came to Painting Pixels they were looking for a 3D Character Mascot and Animation to help promote themselves and their services.

The Deliverables

3D Animation – To design, model, rig and animate a 3D character mascot and sequence to promote SEO Positive and their services.

SEO Dude

The Process

3D Animation

Our 3D designers began by producing several character concepts. Once a character design had been chosen it was up to our 3D artists to model and rig the character in preparation for the animation. The 3D artists then moved on to modelling all the required 3D assets for the animation as it set to be close to four minutes in length. Then, at the request of the client, we began to sequence the animation to tell the ‘story’ of SEO Positive and what they actually do. The whole animation featured the mascot as a core element to establish consistent new branding.

SEO PositiveSEO PositiveSEO PositiveSEO PositiveSEO Positive

The Result

The final animation was one that both we and SEO Positive really admired as it did a fantastic job of not only informing the viewer but establishing their newly created mascot in a fun and friendly manner.