PPAR – Augmented Reality App Design & Development

The Client

The PPAR project is one that was carried out by Painting Pixels for the every day business. The idea was that Mobile Applications and in particular Augmented Reality were fantastic innovations in the digital media sector and we felt that everyone should have the opportunity to take advantage of them.


The Deliverables

Mobile Application РTo develop an augmented reality application that can support the content of multiple businesses and act as a unified marketing application.


The Process

Mobile Application

Up until now the development of a Mobile Application for a business has costed upwards of tens of thousands of pounds; making such assets unaffordable for smaller businesses. PPAR is a unified application which allows multiple businesses to host their augmented reality experience under the one application, removing the development time and cost of individual bespoke applications and reducing the clients costs astronomically. Before we could even begin the application development the team at Painting Pixels brought their combined knowledge and expertise to the table to produce an incredibly detailed project specification detailing features and showcasing design layouts. Once everything had been decided upon it was up to our developers to make our vision a reality, building the app and the systems on which it runs from the ground up and ensuring that it can cater to to needs of all of our clients. With built in sharing options and augmented reality examples the application was a fully comprehensive marketing application.


The Result

The result was an application that can now not only cater to the marketing needs of our clients but also showcase the innovation at Painting Pixels and how we are breaking barriers within the digital design and marketing sectors.