Painting Pixels’ Pow Wow – 2D Animation

Pow Wow

As a fun, self-promotional piece the Painting Pixels Team decided to create a unique and fun showcase 2D Animation.

The Vision

We wanted to create something fun; something where the team could let their creative juices flow. A little bit quirky, a little bit funny. Something Painting Pixels.

Magician character

Our Approach

As with any other project, the team came together to voice thoughts, themes and ideas. We created concept for art styles and characters. We began putting together shots, scenes and before we knew it we had the final storyboard finished.

Together the assets and animation developed simultaneously, with a firm vision in mind, every step of the way.

As we entered the stages of post-production, our vision was quickly coming to fruition. Giving it slight edits and tweaks; making sure it lived up to the premium level of quality Painting Pixels always works to.

Character ConceptAnimation Still Animation Still

Animation Still Animation Still Animation Still

The Results

From educational, promotional, advertisement and entertainment means, there are a lot of design and development solutions the Painting Pixels team can offer utilising our 2D animation services.

So as both a showcase piece for what we can create for you and your company, and as a light-hearted and fun project for us at Painting Pixels.