Bespoke Photo Animation of Insects

The Task

Our task at Painting Pixels was to create a series of looping animated Gifs featuring different species of insect life to be used in the animated banner of the Greener Growth website.

What was Involved?

Our series of animated gifs for Green Growth was a super fun project that our artists and creative team really enjoyed working on, this project involved elements of-

.Digital Photo Editing

.2D Character Rigging

.Motion Graphics

.2D Animation


Greener Growth is a company with a high community interest, taking neglected areas and turning them into habitats with a variety of plant and animal life. That are also capable of producing food. Working in a range of areas for schools, prisons and other community settings to private households and businesses. Providing makeovers big and small!

The Process

To begin with we chose the most suitable images we were given to work with from Greener Growth, we then took the photos into photoshop and edited out the backgrounds for each.

Once this was complete we had to disassemble the pieces of the insects that we wanted to move, things like the legs, wings and antenna e.g And separate them into there own individual layers within Photoshop

We then had to recreate the sections of the incests that had been deleted due to the previous step, this happens because one piece we may have cut out was overlapping another part of the insect.

Then we took the photoshop file and imported it into After Effects making sure we retained the layers so that all the individual body part layers in photoshop stayed as separate layers in after effects. From there we have to rig the pieces so that they could all move bad rotate the way we wanted them too.

All that was left to do now was animate the insects, as these animations are intended to be GIFs we had to make sure that they all looped perfectly, once the animating was done we had to render the animations out as GIFs making sure that they were on a transparent background.

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