Orthoactive – Logo, Leaflets, Website & Video Production

Orthoactive – Logo, Leaflets, Website & Video Production

The Client

Orthoactive is one of the longest established Orthodontic practice in Ipswich offering an array of services to both adults and children. When Orthoactive came to Painting Pixels they were looking for the full works to help them really boost their digital and marketing presence.


The Deliverables

Logo Design – Re-design a high quality vector logo for use on all forms of digital and print media.

Leaflet Design – Design two leaflets to be printed containing information and imagery covering two distinctly unique topics.

Website Design – Produce a selection of website designs that synergise with the logo and branding. These designs will then be altered and refined to the client request with one of the designs then being selected.

Website Development – Develop the designed website on a content management system base to allow the client to quickly and easily add, edit or delete content when they please without any required coding knowledge.

Video Production –


Our Process

Logo Design

Orthoactive Logo

When Orthoactive approached us they already had a logo that they were happy with but were looking to have it re-made as a vector, thereby allowing them to use it on all of their digital and print media at any size without the worry of it becoming distorted or pixelated. The designers at Painting Pixels were able to recreate the logo in its entirety so that Orthoactive could keep their existing brand identity but have more flexibility and range with their logo usage.

Leaflet Design

Orthoactive Leaflet Design Orthoactive Leaflet Design

The leaflet design stage was so that Orthoactive could have two types of printed leaflet available for their clients to take away with them once they had visited the practice. The client provided us with all the relevant information and imagery and our designers took it upon themselves to create two leaflet designs that complement the logo whilst still remaining visually distinct.  All of the illustrations used on the leaflets were created in house also.

Website Design

For their website, Orthoactive were looking for a clean, sleek and responsive website design that complemented their logo and branding across all devices. Our designers were able to put together a selection of bespoke designs for them to choose from and refine, eventually resulting in the final design that you can find in use today.

Website Development

Once the final design had been chosen it was up to our developers to make it a reality. Utilising the latest coding technologies and conventions our developers built the responsive website on a content management system base from the ground up. This means that the client can easily add, edit or delete the content on their website without the need for coding knowledge, without the waiting and without the cost.

Video Production

The final part of the Orthoactive project was the video introduction to be featured on the website; educating and informing viewers about Orthoactive, the team and the services they offer. Our own team took professional video and audio recording equipment to the practice where we recorded all the necessary high definition material we would need. Then back at the studio it was up to our video production experts to cut, edit, and overlay the footage with all manner of effects and transition to create the final production.


The Result

The result of the project was a range of high quality and bespoke media solutions for one very happy client; helping to establish a range of promotional marketing material that they could be proud of.