Kaboost – Website and E-Commerce

Kaboost – Website and E-Commerce

The Website

Painting Pixels is thrilled to have worked with Kaboost to build their e-commerce website. Kaboost is a product to elevate any type of chair, engineered to allow children to sit on any chair designed for adults and eliminating the need to purchase small chairs for children that will become obsolete as the child grows older.


The header and navigation bar is persistently pinned to the top of the screen to allow the user to easily navigate to another page on the site, and also to keep track of their shopping cart which is placed on the upper right side of the screen.

Kaboost is also built with a responsive web design, meaning the site will natively scale according to the screen size the visitor is accessing from whether it’d be from a desktop PC, phone or a tablet so all the buttons and text are at a appropriate size.

Kaboost Website Demo from Painting Pixels on Vimeo.


The shopping cart page allows for the user to ensure their order is correct before making their purchase.

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