Honeyrose – E-Commerce and Responsive Website

Honeyrose – E-Commerce and Responsive Website

Painting Pixels was thrilled to work with Honeyrose; producers, distributors and retailers of an alternative to cigarettes. Our ethos as a company is to never ever work with adult content, tobacco, illegal drugs or weapons companies. We will never work with any organisation or company to create promotional content knowing that they bring harm to the world.

So when we were first approached by a cigarette company it was an immediate reaction of a no go project! With proper explanation it was instantly clear that this was not a cancer causing cigarette company, which profits by playing on people’s addiction and causes harm to the user and surrounding people.

Honeyrose are in-fact a herbal alternative to cigarettes and actually helps promote the efforts of getting people to wean off harmful cigarettes. The Honeyrose alternatives are both tobacco and nicotine free.

The Project

So with the ethics in check. We moved on to the project details. Honeyrose required a cost effective solution to retail their products. Online retailing is a great way to get your product to the masses.

We discussed the details to creating an online retail shop with a robust e-commerce function and a backend system that would tie in to their existing sage-pay system, which they already had sales through.

We produced an ecommerce website allowing them to trade online. The website was created with a responsive structure allowing it to be used on smartphones and tablets with a native resolution and have easy navigation to allow for quick purchases.

We built in a easy to use banner system, which would allow the in-house graphic designers to create promotional product banners.

The website also includes features for them to promote the latest products, feature and list product category. It includes a full purchase system from order to customer sales receipts.

The website was built with an (CMS) content management system and so allows for the client to change text and graphics without any technical knowledge. Additionally, the clients are easily able to upload new products and update pricing.

This gives them full control over there their own website and can manage there online company easily.

Honeyrose are successfully trading online using the ecommerce website that we built. If you would like to do the same them give us a call today.