Home-Start Shepway – Bespoke, Animated and Interactive Website

Home-Start Shepway – Bespoke, Animated and Interactive Website

The Client

Home-Start Shepway is a Folkestone based charity that has been operating since 1995. Locally managed by a multi disciplinary committee the organisation recruits and trains volunteers to offer friendship, advice and support to parents during those early years. When Home-Start Shepway came to Painting Pixels they had already worked with us before as we created their current website a couple of years prior; however now they were looking for a new website.

Homestart Shepway

The Deliverables

Website Design – Design a modern, fun, colourful and interactive website that will appeal to all ages; grabbing the users’ attention.

Website Development – Develop the designed website built on a content management system to allow the addition, edit or removal of website content by the client with no required coding knowledge.


The Process

Website Design

When starting this project we knew that the design of the website was going to play a huge part and luckily the Shepway team gave us a lot of freedom. This is one of those projects that rarely come around, letting us show our true creative and artistic flare. Our talented designs put together a selection of truly unique concepts for Shepway to look over. We are delighted to say they chose one of the designs outright with no required changes.

Website Development

The development of the website was the next stage in the project. The website was to be built on a content management system that allowed the client complete control over all website content. This meant the flexibility to add, edit or remove text and images on the website. The back-end was also customised heavily adding functionality specific to the needs of Shepway. One of these additional functions was the ability to upload PDF attachments to news posts so that the user can download them to read at a later date. Another feature was the ability to customise the colour of the page background from the back-end. This control over the aesthetic of the website allows the client to keep content looking fresh. The final piece of development worth noting was the front end interactive banner. This banner was coded entirely from scratch bespoke for Shepway. The banner features a multitude of interactive and animated elements that to this day never fails to ‘wow’ viewers.

User Guide

The final aspect of the project was the user guide. The Shepway team is comprised of a large number of staff all of which possess little to no technological knowledge. This is why we put together a detailed user guide explaining every feature of the back-end and how to use them. This guide was a huge help to the team and enables them to quickly update any new staff members.

The Result

The final result of the project was a high quality, premium and bespoke website that not only met the requirements of the specification but far exceeded them. Showcasing a large array of our creative skills and what we can do with even a little freedom the Shepway team was ecstatic to see their new site and continues to update it regularly.

Home Starts Shepway Website Demo from Painting Pixels on Vimeo.