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Painting Pixels is delighted to have worked with Ipswich based solicitors, Gotelee. We were tasked to create a new, bespoke and premium website for the organisation from the ground up. The website replaced an older site, which was very much outdated in terms of looks but due to the vast and rich content; it still ranked very well.

This meant that we had to be very sensitive with our approach. We would redesign and develop the entire site from the ground up but still make sure that the rankings don’t drop, in fact, we wanted to make sure that with our new cleaner code, better site structuring and more accessible functions we would increase the ranking.

We designed many different styles all of which needed to complement the corporate identity that the company has established over there long history. The website had to look new and modern but still usable and also last many years into the future. We finally came up with a design that was functional, accessible and very up to date in design and kept in with the latest trends.

Our design cleverly incorporated many, many navigational and search functions. It’s possible to navigate and find any content on the site with just a few clicks and in a multitude of different ways. So no matter how their clients use websites, there would be a method that suits them to find what they need. (See video above)

This is because our bespoke design was built up from the core with this functionality in mind. So on the homepage the graphics and animated content are both links and navigational menus. This was all in addition to the traditional navigational menu systems.

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We also invested much time into building a smart search function, which would cleverly guess what the users where searching for as they typed. So even if the users where not exactly sure of a particular search term or terminology they would still be able to find what they were looking for via the suggestions.

As an animation studio we felt it silly not to tell an animated story. Gotelee has a long and rich history and one that sets it apart from its competitors so we built an integrated real-time animated video that plays when the website is first loaded up. As with anything on the net that auto-plays, it soon becomes a nuisance so we built it in such a way that it only plays the very first time you access the site, but can still be deactivated with a single click. And with future visits it does not play unless otherwise clicked. The animation is real-time and creates itself live with code as you watch it so there are no heavy video files that require download, steaming or buffering. And best of all Google picks up the text content used in the animation.

We heavily modified the backend of the system and made for a more custom style of CMS, content management system. So all the individual sectors where easily modifiable and editable from the backend without any coding Knowledge. At the time of launch, we made sure that all components used within the website where completely bespoke so we didn’t use any third party plugins. So all contact forms, search boxes etc were written from scratch for Gotelee.

The Gotelee website is bespoke and built for Gotelee only, this means that the design and structure is built to their exact needs; allowing us to make and structure the site exactly to meet function and design without compromise. The entire structure and components are built to be fully responsive and so the website is perfectly optimised to be viewed in a native resolution no matter what type of screen size or device its being viewed on. So whether it’s being viewed on smart phones, tablet computers or desktops computers, all functions and features will work, including the real-time animation.

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The new website for Gotelee has been really well received and pushed the boundaries of they type of site that can be created for a corporate organization. Our clients Gotelee and their clients in turn have been delighted with the new website.

If you would like your own fully bespoke responsive website that is thought through and built to your exact requirements without compromise, then please give us a call today on 01473 857860.

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