Bluebell Mortgages – Full Branding

Full Design, Branding, Development and Print

Painting Pixels is delighted to have worked with Bluebell Mortgages, which are specialist mortgage advisors based in Ipswich.

Bluebell went through a full rebranding process and chose Painting Pixels to help carry out the entire task.

The full branding and design process included the following –

  • Research
  • Logo Development
  • Business Card Design
  • Bespoke Responsive Website Design
  • Holding Page
  • Double Sided A6 Advertising Leaflet
  • Letterhead
  • Compliments slip
  • Branding guidelines
  • Print

We started with an initial meeting with the clients to get an idea of what they wanted and to our delight they were very open minded and happy to go with the latest trending styles.

With a good grasp of what is trending design -wise, It’s still good to always reach and so we spent a decent amount of time researching competitors and also similar industries to identify what works and what doesn’t.

And so we brainstormed some ideas and design styles along with colour palettes and tones, and chose to go down a solid clean style.

With that in mind we started development of the logo as we would use the style, colours and theme from the logo to develop the rest of the branding.

The Bespoke Logo Design

The logo was kept clean and simple and used a bluebell flower as the icon part of the logo. This was combined with a nice clean, bold font for the text component, which we structured in with a simply line. We always believe that a logo should contain two distinct elements, that will enable it to work both as a whole including the icon with the logo text and also allow the icon to work independently for use in favicons and buttons for apps and bookmarks etc


Bespoke Business Card Design

With the design style and logo worked out; we then used these styles and colours as a guide to design a series of business cards for the clients. We prioritised the development of the business cards to ensure that the client can get marketing and networking as soon as possible.

bluebell_business_card_front   bluebell_business_card_back

Bespoke Responsive Website

The website we developed for Bluebell was fully bespoke and so every aspect of design and every line of code was designed and written for them, from scratch. The bespoke website design and development process can take some time so in the interim, we developed a branded holding page to inform site visitors that a website was under construction and they could still contact the company using the provided phone and email details.

PP BB Website Graphic

We started the actual website design using adobe illustrator to give us a sharp clean graphic, which we could then export for development. We developed a bespoke layout with bespoke handcrafted icons, which would accompany each service sector. The design had to both look good and be functional and so look equally good whether it was displayed on a desktop, smartphone or tablet computer.

We developed a front and backend system that would allow for the display of multiple services, showcase guides, the latest news and articles and even a strip to allow for testimonials.

Bluebell Mortgages - Full Branding 1 Bluebell Mortgages - Full Branding 2 Bluebell Mortgages - Full Branding 3

Bluebell Mortgages - Full Branding 4

The website was developed from scratch with a responsive structure and as mentioned above; it will work and display natively on multiple devices and screen sizes. Clients that opt for a fully bespoke design structure have the flexibility to allow for the website to look and layout out exactly how they want.

Other Essential Branded Stationary

In conjunction with the website design and development we continued to develop the remaining graphic design and branding components including the –

  • Letterhead
  • Compliments Slip

bluebell_compliment_slip bluebell_letterhead

Bespoke Advertising Leaflet

We also created a bespoke double-sided A5 advertising leaflet, which features the design, styles and information off the other branding components and the website.


pp-bluebell-leaflet-front      pp-bluebell-leaflet-back

Branding Guidelines

We spent an enormous amount of time researching and developing the exact design style for Bluebell, right from the smallest colour shade to the exact font size.


So for the brand to stay true to this in the future, we designed a branding guidelines booklet, which the client can use as a reference on the ‘do’s’ and ‘don’ts’ in using the brand including how to use the logo, the exact colours and fully reference for both digital and print use and also the correct style fonts.


The Printing

Our aim it to make any rebranding process as easier as possible and so with a new design and branding, its nessWe printed all printable items and delivered them to another happy client.


The Wrap

This project was truly a full branding experience and we have no doubt that we will be used in the future to create some animations and video productions to take advantage of our multimedia design capabilities.



Your Turn

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And don’t forget to check out more details in our website design service, graphic design service and branding packages.