Dummett Copp LLP – 3D Animation and Augmented Reality App

Bespoke 3D Animation and Augmented Reality App

Painting Pixels are delighted to have worked with Dummett Copp LLP; to help create a bespoke 3D animation, which showcased their iconic origami bird fold into shape and come to life. We additionally created another 3D animated origami bird, which we used in the bespoke iPhone and Android app.

The bespoke smartphone app was created from the ground up and featured an easy to use and intuitive navigational system allowing users to quickly get access to important information. And the benefit to having a bespoke native app downloaded on to your phone, allowed Dummett Copp clients to access services and contact information without the need for an internet connection.

The app additionally featured an augmented reality service. This allowed the Dummett Copp business cards to life and feature more information than otherwise physically possible. As with most business cards; space comes at a premium and so most cards have the contact information on the front and possibly a logo on the back, with little to no room to add services details. And often adding service details just clutters the card and it looks more like an advertising card rather than a business card.

Our bespoke app created for Dummett Copp is the best of both worlds. It allows for a simple clean business card, but when you point the AR enable app at the card; the card then comes to life. In the Dummett Copp app users were presented with the 3D animated origami bird video. And a scan on the back of the card allowed the Dummett Copp origami bird to pop up in real-time 3D. This meant that the user could interact with the card and see the bird from all angles in 3D.

This is a brilliant marketing method as users learn more about your services and by the simple act of interaction the users are more likely to remember the company and services.