Cloud Scope I-dents and Video Editing

It was wonderful working with our clients at Cloud Scope who are a specialist recruitment company based locally.

We created a series of animated Logo I-dents for their video productions. This included both a intro animated ident and also an outro animated ident. So as it suggest each ident starts off the video and ends the video helping the video projects its branding and gain recognition through repetition.

Animated Logo Intro Ident

Animated Logo Outo Ident

Video Production

We also created a number of videos for our client which was used for recruitment. This is a step above what other recruiters do which is simply text ads.

The client recorded and supplied the videos which we then edited up and added in any required motion graphics and titles.

The point of these productions was to be produced quickly and cost-effectively, as there would be many videos that require development weekly due to the rapid rate of jobs available from the company.