Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association – 2D Animation

The Client

The Builders Hardware Manufacturers Association is the trade association for North American manufacturers of commercial builders hardware. When the BHMA came to Painting Pixels they were looking for a 2D Animation that could educate and inform viewers on what it is that they actually do.

The Deliverables

2D Animation – To produce an informative and educational 2D Animation that makes use of high quality and bespoke graphics to promote the BHMA in a professional manner.

The Process

2D Animation

When we were working on the 2D Animation we knew that it needed to be clear and easy to understand. The first stage in ensuring this happened was to create all of our graphical assets in a style that complemented this mentality, making use of iconography and clearly defined imagery that the viewer could easily identify. Our designers took these assets and through the use of smooth and fluid animation were able to create a visually representative story that accompanied the script well. The script itself required a professional reading from an american voice over artist as requested by the client. As a multimedia design studio we take care of every aspect of every project and this scenario was no different, with us sourcing a suitable voice over artist and working with them to get a script reading the client was happy with. All of these elements were then brought together with some background music to create the final animation.

The Result

The result of the project was not only the high quality, bespoke 2D Animation that the BHMA was looking for but one that educated and informed viewers fully, explaining the processes and procedures carried out and telling the ‘story’ they had to share. The client was delighted with the final animation and astonished by the ease of communication and inclusion despite being on an entirely different continent.