Bounce Events – Website Design and Branding

Bounce Events – Bespoke, responsive website design and development

Panting Pixels is delighted to have worked with ‘Lowcostholidays’ to develop a bespoke, responsive website to promote and be a portal to their new venture called ‘Bounce’. Bounce or Bounce Events are fantastic new holiday and party package organisers. They organise and put holiday packages together for those who like to live the party life and travel to great destinations. All packages include flights, accommodations and most importantly a ticket to get in to some of the best and most exclusive party events.

The first location in the Bounce Events calendar was the destination of Marrakech in Morocco! And comprised of four insane party weeks featuring 16 of UK’s top party DJ’s, including big names like Westwood, Judge Jules and Mark Night to name a few.

Bounce Events - Website Design and Branding 1 Bounce Events - Website Design and Branding 2

Our Task

Our task was to create a fun, intuitive and accessible website with a fully bespoke design and structure. We had flexibility in everything we designed from the style, structure and colours. After a bit of consultation throughout the Painting Pixels team, we quickly put together a design we were all super happy with.

Bounce Events - Website Design and Branding 3

We wanted an easy to use style of website that got to the point quickly and not waste too much time with menu’s, millions of in-pages and complicated structure. The idea was that people find their week, see the line up and book the package that suits their budget! Simple!

Bounce Events - Website Design and Branding 4

The Design

To allow this to happen quickly and efficiently we decided we didn’t want users to navigate around loads of pages and travel into deeply nested pages. So we decided to design a website and structure that was a single page with nice, smooth flowing transitions that navigate through the page. So made a way for users to understand what part of the page they were on and easy to see what page the scroll was taking them too.

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As stated we never wanted user to navigate away to different pages or look too hard to find their desired information so all navigation buttons or internal pages were layered on top of the home page giving the user reference of were they are. The internal pages animated out the side of the website using smooth movements. And for nested pages we simply applied layers one on top of the other so its easy to navigate away from because they never actually leave the home page.


The Development

The whole website is built from the ground up with a responsive structure and so is easily viewable and navigable on smart phones, tablet computers and desktop computers. All animations and smooth sliding system work through out multiples browsers and devices.


The website was built with an easy to use content management system allowing all aspects of the content to be changes and edited without any coding knowledge.

Booking_Screen Gallery_Screen

The team of designers and programmers work day and night to meet the target date, which was already tight from day one. The website was built and uses some of the latest design trends and HTML 5 and CSS programming technologies and is one that will stand tall and function well for many years to come.


The clients were extremely happy with the pace that we worked at and the super fast turnaround time for such a bespoke and innovative website.


Bespoke Graphics and Leaflet Design

Additionally, we created a bespoke 6 page A4 events leaflet for print and a digital e-shot which with both designed and distributed on behalf of the client. Both items followed in line with the design and structure layout that we created for the website.

Painting Pixels Bounce_Leaflet_Design_Final-02 Painting Pixels Bounce_Leaflet_Design_Final-01

Painting Pixels Bounce E-Shot Design



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