Stay switched on and still enjoy your break away

For some people it’s difficult to switch off and so enjoying any holiday time is impossible. Others love to lose all connection, enjoy the time away and deal with the mountain of emails and tasks on their return. And so for the latter lot of people they always have that dreaded feeling in the last few days of holiday as they don’t know what they will come back too. 

As with everything in life, the trick is balance! Keep a connection but don’t stay glued to the screen. Have a snooze on the beach and enjoy excursions away. Simply check in every now and then and see what emails have come through and if they can wait then simply make a note and or flag the emails. At least that way you know what is going on. 

And if you are a small company with only a hand full of staff and do not necessarily have a full management structure in place, then you can still deal with  any new enquires and help your clients by simply delegating the tasks to your team after you have reviewed it.

If you are a one man band then staying switched on can also help with the stress. Just know when to dip in and out of work and make sure you don’t actually action any time consuming tasks until your return. The point of this article is to let you imagine a holiday away and still stay on top of everything that is going on in your business. 

So read through emails and simply flag them. Reply back to clients but let them know you are on holiday and let them know what date you will return.

If you get new enquires and the enquiry requires more than a simple electronic quote, then reply back to the enquiry and again let them know your away but will be on the case when you get back; book meetings if you can and so this way they will know you are still around and they are not fobbed off with an automatic out of office email. 

So with technology staying connected is easy. You simply need a internet connected device like a laptop, iPad or your smart phone. If you are abroad then get a WiFi dongle and make sure you get a local SIM card. Unless your mobile network offers roaming then getting a local sim is your answer. Just note that having mobile roaming may still not allow you to mobile tether with your other deceives. 

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So what type of person are you? The type that never switches off? Or the kind that likes to lose all connection?

Perhaps taking our balanced approach will help you? Let us know in the comments below.