Painting Pixels Sponsors St Elizabeth Hospice


Keen followers of Painting Pixels will know we take our Corporate Social Responsibilities very seriously and work hard to give back to society as much as possible. We work with many different charities worldwide to help raise money and awareness for their respective cause.


And so we have great news to announce. We are now proudly sponsoring the St Elizabeth Hospice, which is a fantastic organisation that provides a range of very important services. You can find out more from


We are starting our partnering/sponsoring process by first helping out in there new Wooly Pully campaign. We will be creating a new 3d character mascot for the St Elizabeth Hospice, which they will use in the Wooly Pully campaign and as their main mascot going forward.

We’re super excited with sponsoring St Elizabeth Hospice and so couldn’t wait to get stuck in to the creation process for the new mascot. So here is a sneak peek to see what we have already created.


Check back soon to see our development process for the Wooly Pully character. Be sure to connect with us on the various social media sites to get updates on how we get on and see the other projects that we are currently working on.