Painting Pixels Presentation at Create Expo 2016

The Story of Painting Pixels at Create Expo 2016

Wow what a rush! It was such an honour to be invited back to give another presentation at Create Expo 2016, held in Vision West Nottinghamshire College; Mansfield.

It’s always such a great event as I get to meet new and interesting people every time. And it’s a perfect event to put faces to the many different people I speak to over the year in forums, Facebook and skype etc.

Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016 - 001


The Drive

It all kicked off the night before! Long day in the studio wrapping up a few new projects. The idea was to leave late enough to miss the traffic but still get to Mansfield at a decent time to meet up with the rowdy Lightwave crew.

However, traffic still decided to be my enemy and annoyingly there was a massive tailback on the A1! Probably from sheep crossing or something! So Satnav decided to reroute just in time towards the M1! Excellent :-).  So just as I was about to get on to the M1 motorway; some other incident happened :-(. And so after the Satnav finished playing Ping-Pong with itself and routing and re-routing, it finally sent me through some random country roads. Adding on another 2hours to what was already a lengthy trek!

Painting Pixels - Traffic to Mansfield BMW

The Evening

Many Hours later, I finally got to the hotel and met up with the gang! Rowdy as always, nearly getting us kicked out! We blamed it on the Scot! (You know who you are lol!)

After a bit of chit chat and a funky glass of J20 (Orange and Chocolate; Has anyone tried it?) it was time to get started on the presentation, which was due to get presented in only a hand full of hours! Into the early hours of the morning the presentation was complete! (Students do-not take note! This is not a good example of preparing a presentation!)

Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016 Presentation

Morning of the expo! Met up with gang for breakfast. It was obvious we cloud all have done with an early night

The Day

We soon made our way to the Collage. This year there was many more speakers with a wider range of topics to be presented, which was great. The only down side was that some had to take place at the same time as others to fit them all into the day which meant having to choose!

Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016-3 Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016-5

So much pressure, so many good speakers to choose from; O the drama! And as a speaker myself; who would choose to see me….. dun dun duuuuuuunnn!!!

Create Expo 2016 Painting Pixels  Ali Miah Create Expo 2016

The Moment

I was second up in the day and fortunately it was a large audience, not sure if that’s a good thing or bad. Everyone sat at the back hidden from the camera expect the Create Crew. Hmmm!

Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016-47

This year the talk was about our work on the Cinderella Pantomime production. It was a 3D stereoscopic production, where the audience wore 3D glasses, same as those your wear at 3D movies at the cinema. The production was a mix of 3D stereo animation and live action stage show featuring the likes of Bradley Walsh and Paul ‘O Grady. You can find out more about the specifics of the production here – Cinderella 3D Production.

Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016-46 Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016-49 Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016-45 Painting Pixels Create Expo 2016-48

Our talk was more revolved around the enormous amount of planning that goes into such a production and the thinking and preparation time. Hopefully it helped to inspire some of the audience and will make them sit back and think next time they are starting a project and so understand the importance of preparing and planning and not just diving in feet first and hoping to stay afloat!

For those of you who didn’t get to see the presentation live, you can see it below

After my presentation, it was then easy sailing and I spent the remainder of the day enjoy the presentations from the remaining guest speakers. It’s amazing what you can pick up just from listening and it was all very inspiring.

Definitely can’t wait for next year regardless of if I’m a speaker or just a privileged audience member.

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