New Apple Ecosystem For Digital Marketing Services

New Apple Ecosystem For Digital Marketing Services

iMac 27 for Design and Marketing Ipswich - 5

Here at Painting Pixels, we have been using Windows computers for many years. Little by little, system by system, we have been integrating more and more Apple products into our studio, and today we bid farewell to our final Windows desktops. We have now said goodbye to all of our trusty Windows computers to pave the way for new beginnings!

Windows products definitely have their advantages, but we have found that Apple products are much more suited to the way in which we work. Apple products benefit from a collective ecosystem, where a few simple clicks can allow a host of devices to be connected and information transferred between them. This new level of connectivity ensures that it is easier than ever to coordinate projects, maximising our workflow and allowing for better collaboration of design work. Our Windows computers simply did provide us with the same efficient ecosystem or workflow. In addition, the all-in-one iMac system has minimised the amount of clutter and cables both on and underneath the desk space. Clean space, clean mind.

So, here are a few images of our new setup.



Unfortunately we were so excited to set up the new systems that it didn’t occur to us to take some “before” images! Hindsight is a wonderful thing, isn’t it?

As you can see we have opted for both the latest iMac and the iMac Pro; both of these have more than enough power to produce high quality content, however the iMac Pro has just that little bit of extra muscle to allow it to cope with more demanding tasks such as rendering 3D components. With 8-cores as standard, and the option to configure it to 18, the capabilities of the iMac Pro are undeniable.


Apple iMac Pro for Digital Content Marketing Ipswich Suffolk



With our Apple ecosystem firmly in place, these powerful tools have already allowed us to implement our design and marketing services more efficeintly than ever before!