Painting Pixels Jobs

Jobs at Painting Pixels

Here you will find a list of job opportunities available at Painting Pixels multimedia design studio.

Note best practices –

  • Send your CV with full contact details and work experience. Make sure to include links to your online portfolio. (Do not send images or zip files inside and email, these will automatically go in to the spam folder and or be rejected by us)
  • Send links in the email to your online portfolio so we can quickly access your portfolio.
  • Make sure you research us first and check out our Services, Portfolio and News etc
  • Be sure to follow us on all Social Media streams and add yourself to our Newsletter to ensure you get the latest job updates straight away!

Send all CV’s and Portfolio links to [email protected]

Full-Time positions

We currently have no full time jobs available – Please check back frequently as this industry changes fast

Full-Time Position – Apprenticeship Level

We are currently looking for an enthusiastic 3D generalist

– You must have experience and be competent in Lightwave 3D and the full 3d workflow including modelling, animation, texturing, rigging and particle effects etc (But you do not need to be an expert or have industry experience)

– You must be enthusiastic and adaptable enough to learn and constantly evolve your knowledge and skills.

– You must be competent in managing your own time, also keep track of projects and deadlines.

We are currently looking for a properly clued up web designer/ developer.

– You must have front-end design skills

– You must understand the foundation of programming and have experience in HMTL, CSS and PHP (but not an expert)

Please see the best practices listed above and send through your application to [email protected]

Freelancer Positions

We currently have work available on a project by project basis for freelancers for the following areas

– Web Designer
– Mobile App Developer
– Lightwave 3D Artist – Generalist

– If you specialise in a particular area in Lightwave 3D, then we still want to hear from you

Voiceover Artists

We have noticed that we are only using a hand full of VO artist that have sent us their demo’s on our many productions, purely due to convenience.

To combat this and make it fair to all artists; we have decided to set up an online VO bank and allow our clients to choose a VO artist of their choice rather than us choosing the same artists for every production.

So if you would like to be included within this new and more fair VO Bank; please send us a sample using the text below in the blue box.

If you have several styles, accents and or different languages, please include these in a single reel. Max length 60 seconds.

“Welcome to Painting Pixels, a full service digital marketing agency; including research, strategy, design and distribution”.

Our integrated services help businesses and individuals to reach a larger customer or fanbase and encourage them to become more engaged with the business and or brand; helping increase sales, loyalty and signups”.

Note: we will note use your samples for our own marketing. If we decide one day in the future that your sample clip is useful to a particular campaign of ours; then we will of course contact you and get your permission and pay the relevant fee. Cheers!