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Stay switched on and still enjoy your break away

For some people it’s difficult to switch off and so enjoying any holiday time is impossible. Others love to lose all connection, enjoy the time away and deal with the mountain of emails and tasks on their return. And so for the latter lot of people they always have that dreaded feeling in the last […]

Utilise older Cinema Displays on MacBook models from 2013 – 2017

Here is just a super quick guide on how to connect an older Cinema Display to a MacBook model from 2013 – 2017. To begin with, you need to have a Magsafe 2 adapter, and a wireless keyboard and mouse. Turn on your MacBook and connect your wireless keyboard and mouse to it. Put your MacBook […]

Painting Pixels Client Portal

Painting Pixels is delighted to be able to offer our clients their own ‘Private Client Portal’ on our website. This ‘Client Portal’ allows our clients to easily keep track of their projects, they can easily find links to their websites or online resources. They can view and download the latest videos, media and document files. […]

The Benefits of 2D 3D Animation and Video Production for Marketing and Advertising

The Benefits of 2D/3D Animation and Video Production for Marketing and Advertising. By Painting Pixels – Specialists in 2D/3D Animation and Video Production.   We live in the digital age; a moment in time, where we spend an ever-increasing slice of our life in front of digital screens. Consumption of digital information is no longer […]

The Benefits of Digital Content Marketing

Digital marketing is a crucial factor when trying to create brand awareness. There is something to be said for traditional methods of course, but a business relying on these exclusively greatly limits its scope. More and more companies are shifting towards marketing their products/services digitally online; the adaptability, measurability and low price of the model […]

Pen Tool – Adobe Illustrator – Quick Tip

ADOBE ILLUSTRATOR – PEN TOOL TIP – QUICK TIP Using the pen tool in Adobe illustrator is one of the predominant ways of creating shapes. You can make very complex shapes and designs using this very popular tool. Its possible to make rigid and straight lines and also smooth curved lines. Its also possible to […]

Lightwave 3D – Rendering Differences – Quick Tip

Lightwave 3D Rendering Differences Rendering bares the fruits of our 3d labour. We finally get to show other human eyes the majesty of what was formed in our minds in all its glory. Ok a bit dramatic, but nevertheless it’s important to get a good raw render before any post production work. And so more […]

Lightwave 3D – Quickly Select Primitives in Modeler – Quick Tip

Quickly Select Primitives in Lightwave 3D – Modeler If your new to Lightwave; then like all newbies your likely to browse around the tabs and menus slowly looking for the right tool or item as required. This is good practice when starting out, as you get to familiarise yourself with the layout of the software package. But […]

Adobe Photoshop Sketch – Quick Review and Overview

Intros App Overview Adobe Photoshop Sketch – iPad Pro Quick Review and Overview Intro, Filler and Fluff Photoshop Sketch by Adobe is as its name suggests a sketch app for the ever increasing and popular mobile devices. It’s part if the new Adobe ‘Touch Apps’ series. Photoshop Sketch is a constantly evolving app and gets […]

Why We Love Lightwave 3D

Why we love Lightwave 3D by Newtek and how it became our primary 3D modelling and animation tool of choice; beating off 3D software giants like Maya and 3DS Max. Full Article Coming Soon

What is Adobe Photoshop and Why Do We Use It?

What is Adobe Photoshop and why do we use it? We use Photoshop extensively in our everyday work. It’s our primary go to software package alongside out trusted Lightwave 3D. We use Photoshop for multiple types of projects and use it to create all sorts graphics, logos, posters, photo editing and also as a post-production […]

What Software Packages Does Painting Pixels Use and Why?

Painting Pixels uses many different software packages. We are not really biased to any particular software package or software company. It’s more of a case that we use what we believe to work best and most efficiently for our projects. Below is a list of the different software packages that we use and why we […]

Jargon Buster Definition Glossary

In this article we jargon bust a lot of the technical and industry words found within our website and within the design and programming industry. So this article is kind of actually like a glossary. Either way hopefully it will help make sense of some of the terms and keyword definitions that we use. Just […]

Protection from computer viruses

Follow these simple instructions and you can continue on your daily life free of any dangerous content invading your computer.We all have important information stored digitally so it is equally important that we all try to keep it safe.

What is a website?

What is a website and why do I need one? Find out the benefits to owning a website and what makes a website good.

What is augmented reality?

Bridging the gap between the digital and the physical worlds, Augmented Reality utilises the world around you in new and interesting ways.

The importance of responsive web design

Who wants an unusually distorted version of your desktop website on your phone? Find out the importance of responsive website design.

What is graphic design?

So what is Graphic Design exactly? Graphic Design is the art of communicating a message to people by utilising imagery, layouts, and typography. It is the art of making something that is attention grabbing.

The importance of colour theory

Colours are not simply important, they are vital, and play a tremendous part in capturing people’s attention, their imagination and even evoking certain feelings. It’s important for us as designers to know about colours and their effects.

The importance of good branding

Having a recognisable brand is critical for businesses that want to stick around indefinitely, and the way to do that is to have exceptionally good branding on your side. I would like to go a little into what good branding will yield for your organisation.

What is hyper-threading?

Looking back at all the technological advancements that have been made with processors; we have come a long way. Despite this, they still have one major limitation – an individual process can only execute one instruction at a time.

What is HTML5?

What is HTML5 and why is it important? Find out about the latest in web coding technologies.

The importance of 3D Animation and Modelling

The possibilities of creating and visualising anything in a virtual 3D environment is endless. It allows you to demonstrate anything imaginable from a new product, which is still to be manufactured saving costs on prototyping to creating a full 3D animated cartoon for TV or even bringing a presentations to life.

The uses of Industrial Modelling and Animation

Utilising industrial modelling and animation is a great way for industrial firms, engineering companies and manufactures to demonstrate how a complicated industrial product or process works. There is no limitation to what can be created by using 3D modelling and 2D/3D animation, It’s possible to create anything from large scale factory setups to small intricate devices.

What it means to be a graphic designer

Every man-made object in the world had to start somewhere and it almost always starts with an initial graphic design, whether it be a quick sketch, illustration or concept drawing. A graphical design is a quick and cheap way to visualise and advertise a product, service or business brand.

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