Lightwave 3D – Quickly Select Primitives in Modeler – Quick Tip

Quickly Select Primitives in Lightwave 3D – Modeler

If your new to Lightwave; then like all newbies your likely to browse around the tabs and menus slowly looking for the right tool or item as required. This is good practice when starting out, as you get to familiarise yourself with the layout of the software package.

But as you advance you will need to know as many tricks as possible, no matter how big or small; whatever it takes to shave a precious few seconds off work time and increase speed and efficiency.

This quick tip focuses on selecting the basic primitives within Modeller, including Box, Ball and Disc. The true location to finding and selecting these primitive shapes is to first go to the ‘Create’ tab on the top menu and then to look down the left-hand side menu, where there will be a section labelled primitives.



To gain access to these shapes quickly and without the need to navigate any menus; you simply hold (Control and Shift) at the same time and (Left Click) anywhere on the screen while holding (Control and Shift). This brings up a quick menu, where you can gain access to these shapes along with other items and menu options including – Modifier tools, load options and text tools.


(The above keyboard keys work with both Mac and PC versions of Lightwave 3D).


You will be surprised how often you use this little pop-up menu and how much time it saves you.




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