Lightwave 3D Conference

Lightwave 3D Conference

Painting Pixels were honoured to be invited to give a talk on Lightwave 3D at the Create Expo 2015 held at the Vision West Nottinghamshire College.

For those of you who missed it we did a talk about Lightwave 3D and how we use it in our production pipeline as a multimedia design studio.

We showed how Lightwave can be used in some form or another in any type of media project, all the way from Interactive websites, 2D animations, augmented reality applications, video productions to graphic design and of course not forgetting 3D animations for production.

We also explained why we chose Lightwave 3D over every other 3D animation tool and how it helps us in production on a daily basis.

We can’t wait for the Create Expo 2016


Below are some images that are from the talk.

Lightwave 3D Create Expo 2015 - 001 Lightwave 3D Create Expo 2015 - 002 Lightwave 3D Create Expo 2015 - 003 Lightwave 3D Create Expo 2015 - 004