Happy Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021

Earth Day 2021 Graphic infographic carbon saving lower emmisions painting pixels ipswich london suffolk

Every individual and business can play it’s part to help the environment and lower carbon emissions. Every tiny positive step we all take adds up to make a massive difference.

Businesses consume a lot of energy and usually generate a large carbon footprint.

As a small business, it’s difficult to become fully carbon-neutral as we cannot dictate suppliers or products; but where possible, we are doing our part, as even the small things help!


• Turning off the office lights and computer equipment at night

• Opening the window rather than using air-con

• Using servers provided by carbon neutral companies

• Using computer equipment created by companies that emit low carbon or becoming fully carbon neutral

• Being a fully paperless studio

  • Recycling all possible packaging from deliveries

Do what you can, as even the little positive things count and all add up to makes a big difference.

Have a look at earthday.org to see what you can do to help!

Find our more about Painting Pixels CSR efforts visit www.paintingpixels.co.uk

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