Green Screen Studio Upgrade = Awesomeness!

Green Screen Studio Upgrade and Voiceover Booth

We’ve had a bit of an upgrade to our Full Service Marketing Agency with the addition of a new green screen video production area and a voiceover over booth in our Ipswich studio.

We have additionally upgraded our audio recording kit so we can provide even better and cleaner audio in a far more efficient manner.

Our new local green screen studio setup is perfect for recording product videos, interviews and corporate services videos.

We used a green paint called ‘tropical jungle’ which was the perfect colour for the walls. It smoothed out any bumps and so reduced any artefacts in the scene; making it ideal for removing the green screen background in post production.

A green screen studio is perfect for creating videos where the backdrop needs to be removed. This then allows us to create any backdrop or put the subject into any scene and apply additional motion graphics animation, 3d animations and 2d animation effects over the scene.

So if you need a new explainer video, corporate video or service explainer video; where you want it to stand out from the competition using our special effects, then contact us today to get your production started.

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