Painting Pixels Brochure Advertisement Leaflet

The new painting pixels brochure has finally come together! Containing highlights of our best work, and all of our services, the booklet is a comprehensive guide to everything Painting Pixels has to offer. The booklet was designed to be pocket sized, yet it is packed with information not only about our services, but also about […]

PP Stand Banner - 134

New Painting Pixels Trade Show Stand Exciting day as we get to unwrap and install our new trade show stand. Not much head space in this studio for a 3 meter by 3 meter stand. But we made it fit. All design and graphics created in house by our talented graphic designers. Call us now […]


Continuing on with the brochure today, we started by re-visiting some of the earlier pages and making sure everything lined up and was consistent throughout the booklet. Small changes to the booklet have been key to making sure that everything looks professional. Pulling each image up until the bleed line, making sure there is a […]


We have just started a new booklet to help market our services in a more physical form. The convenient pocked sized booklets are only 100mm x 100mm, however they will be jam-packed with info about all of the Painting Pixels services, how we work and where you can find us. It was important today that […]

Painting Pixels Jargon Buster Have you been reading around our website or similar agencies and come across loads of random acronyms, which just baffle and confuse you? Well fear no more! We have created an article, which describes the meanings of some of the most commonly used acronyms that we use across our website. Take […]