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Integrated Multimedia Digital Marketing Solutions


At Painting Pixels we create advanced integrated digital marketing solutions. To achieve this we utilise a multitude of different mediums including: 3D Animation and Modelling 2D Animation and Motion Graphics Video Production Graphic Design Web and App Development All of these services can be used in any combination giving you a truly bespoke campaign, allowing […]

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Extended Advertising Banner At Portman Road


Painting Pixels is happy to announce that we have extended our advertising banner at Portman Road, very happy with how they are both looking side by side! Maybe one day we will fill the stadium with our butterflies!

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Professional Digital Marketing In Four Steps


Painting Pixels offers a fully project managed digital marketing service, giving you online advertising without the hassle! We do the research, create the strategy, design, build and write up the digital content and then we distribute it! To find out more about our Digital Marketing Services give us a call today on 01473 857860 or email […]

Creating Digital Marketing Content - Ipswich Suffolk

Creating Digital Content Marketing Graphic Assets


Painting Pixels artist working on creating some new digital marketing content graphics for a new article highlighting the benefits of digital content marketing. Software used by the artist is Adobe illustrator. For more info on our digital marketing services give us a call on 01473 857860 – Also see our Digital Marketing Page.

Apple iMac and iMac Pro Magic Mouse

The Magic Continues – Black and White Apple Magic Mouse


We might be a rarity, but we love using the Apple Magic Mouse at our digital marketing studio. Its makes the process of shifting through pages and desktops a breeze. And today we are delighted to add the new space grey mouse to our collection.

Digital Pens for a Digital World


Our growing selection of digital pens suited to our digital world. As a digital design studio we are proud to say that we keep it digital and keep away from using paper. So hopefully that helps in some small way and allows us keep the world clean. Well as long as our electric to charge […]

New Camera GH5 - Video Production Ipswich

New Panasonic Lumix GH5 Camera


  Exciting day today as we have a new toy in the studio. We have the brand new Panasonic Lumix GH5 camera. Perfect as a B camera in the studio to record behind the scenes action for studio shoot and green screen video productions. The compact size (compared to our other professional cameras) allows us […]

Product photo shoot in the Painting Pixels design studio


We have great fun in capturing high quality product photos using our professional lighting and stage set up. The product photo’s were taken for use on a e-commerce website that we also created. The shoots turned out perfectly; nice and clear on a perfect white background.

PP_Lets_Get_Productive-Instagram copy

Let’s Get Productive


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Use the magic of animation to tell your story - Painting Pixels

Use the magic of animation to tell your story


Use the magic of 2D and 3D animation to tell your story. So, whether your a business trying to showcase an idea or service, an individual looking to promote yourself or get a message out to the world; Use the power of animation to capture the imagination of others and allow them to live and […]