3D Animation

3D Animation


Why We Love Lightwave 3D Why we love LightWave 3D by Newtek and how it became our primary 3D modelling and animation tool of choice; beating off 3D software giants like Maya and 3DS Max. Here at Painting Pixels, we can produce a full branding package that will work well with your whole company image, […]

Importance of 3D Animation and Modelling Icon

The possibilities of creating and visualising anything in a virtual 3D environment is endless. It allows you to demonstrate anything imaginable from a new product, which is still to be manufactured saving costs on prototyping to creating a full 3D animated cartoon for TV or even bringing a presentations to life.

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Utilising industrial modelling and animation is a great way for industrial firms, engineering companies and manufactures to demonstrate how a complicated industrial product or process works. There is no limitation to what can be created by using 3D modelling and 2D/3D animation, It’s possible to create anything from large scale factory setups to small intricate devices.