Random 3D Pulsing Animated Ball 2

Check out this random 3D animated ball pulsing in an apocalyptic world. The 3d animation scene was was created by our resident 3d artist as a fun side project to test out how fibres react with motion in the latest version of Lightwave 3D 2018 version 2018.0.5 The animation has 200 frames and runs at […]

Digital Marketing Targeted Growth Ipswich Suffolk

Digital marketing is a crucial factor when trying to create brand awareness. There is something to be said for traditional methods of course, but a business relying on these exclusively greatly limits its scope. More and more companies are shifting towards marketing their products/services digitally online; the adaptability, measurability and low price of the model […]

Apple Rough Logo Sketch Banner

Theres no pretending. We do love Apple products. The products look good and function remarkably well. We genuinely do find that using such products allows us to be more creative and efficient in business as the equipment, the technology and the systems that link all the products together, just work! And this ultimately allows us to […]


Text message shorthand is dead and I’m happy about that! I just had a thought! Growing up in the good old days meant using those red handwriting pens and writing pages and pages of cursive text and reviewing every word using a big fat English dictionary. Then came along a weird mobile phone device with […]

Jargon Buster Banner

In this article we jargon bust a lot of the technical and industry words found within our website and within the design and programming industry. So this article is kind of actually like a glossary. Either way hopefully it will help make sense of some of the terms and keyword definitions that we use. Just […]

Naturally the Painting Pixels team are interested and plan on buying a pair so you can all expect to see our thoughts on them in the future, whilst also expecting some exciting news on how we plan to incorporate our own exciting new Augmented Reality technology into them for an even more immersive experience!