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3D stereoscopic TV for our animations Painting Pixels have just purchased a new 3D TV. It’s now hanging on our wall and ready for us to preview our 3D stereoscopic animations. We wanted to buy a new 4K TV but couldn’t find any good ones that also played back 3D stereo content, so we settle […]

New Mac Pro’s for the Studio Exciting day today in the Painting Pixels multimedia design studio. Our super shiny new Apple Mac Pro’s have arrived. We have been looking forward to this upgrade as we slowly move everything away from PC and Windows. Windows Workstation Microsoft and the Windows platform has served us well over […]

Lightwave 3D Conference Painting Pixels were honoured to be invited to give a talk on Lightwave 3D at the Create Expo 2015 held at the Vision West Nottinghamshire College. For those of you who missed it we did a talk about Lightwave 3D and how we use it in our production pipeline as a multimedia […]

Naturally the Painting Pixels team are interested and plan on buying a pair so you can all expect to see our thoughts on them in the future, whilst also expecting some exciting news on how we plan to incorporate our own exciting new Augmented Reality technology into them for an even more immersive experience!