The Benefits of 2D 3D Animation and Video Production for Marketing and Advertising

The Benefits of 2D/3D Animation and Video Production for Marketing and Advertising.

By Painting Pixels – Specialists in 2D/3D Animation and Video Production.


We live in the digital age; a moment in time, where we spend an ever-increasing slice of our life in front of digital screens.

Consumption of digital information is no longer just a few websites in front of a big old computer.

Everyone now has multiple smart and connected devices including mobile smartphones, tablets and small but powerful computers. The future is here!

And with the added benefit of faster internet connections and more powerful devices. The popularity and consumption of video and 2D/3D animated content is ever growing.

This is why businesses like YouTube have become such big entertainers. Same goes with other giants like Facebook; adding in the feature of video to both their desktop and mobile platforms. People love moving pictures and enjoy spending their time consuming them!

So, with love for video and moving images; the trend for advertising online has also moved towards video as the main way of selling with static graphics and text based ads as a complementary side dish.


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Popular marketing agencies frequently report statistics, showing video and animation to be a far more engaging method of advertising than traditional advertising.

Animation and video is also a far quicker way to get information across to your audience and with platforms like YouTube and other social media monsters like Facebook, Twitter and Linked-in allowing video advertising; there’s no better time to get in the game and have your own animated advert.

It’s kind of like going back to the old days of TV advertising, but at a fraction of the cost and to a more connected and global audience.


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So, to sum up. People love video and animation. And trends and statistics show that video animated adverts are the most engaging and best way of getting a message across to your audience. Its cost effective and you can control your budget and time of the adverts being visible. And any animation can of course be used on your own website and social media pages without any extra paid or sponsored costs. And people are more likely to share your animation over any other types of marketing.



Here at painting pixels we specialise in creating bespoke 2D and 3D animations and video adverts for websites like YouTube and Facebook and your own site. Our videos can easily be shared over other social media sites like Twitter, Google Plus and linked-in.

We also create traditional TV adverts and can buy air-time and submit the advert for you saving you the time and headache.