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Protection from computer viruses

Follow these simple instructions and you can continue on your daily life free of any dangerous content invading your computer.We all have important information stored digitally so it is equally important that we all try to keep it safe.

What Is A Website

What is a website?

What is a website and why do I need one? Find out the benefits to owning a website and what makes a website good.

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What is augmented reality?

Bridging the gap between the digital and the physical worlds, Augmented Reality utilises the world around you in new and interesting ways.

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The importance of responsive web design

Who wants an unusually distorted version of your desktop website on your phone? Find out the importance of responsive website design.

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What is graphic design?

So what is Graphic Design exactly? Graphic Design is the art of communicating a message to people by utilising imagery, layouts, and typography. It is the art of making something that is attention grabbing.

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Painting Pixels Gets New Velux Windows

Everyone at Painting Pixels is super excited today as we get brand new shiny Velux windows installed across the whole building (We’re easily amused). Finally, windows that will fully open to get nice fresh air and enjoy the blue sky!!   Wait it’s freezing outside! Quick, close the windows!

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Cinderella Receives Great Reviews

We are super delighted and proud by the enormous amount of great reviews that the Cinderella pantomime has received See the project details here – Cinderella Production   And read a few of the reviews below – (Note: These are independent reviews on third party websites and Painting Pixels are not responsible for any content featured on […]


Cinderella Programme Guide

It’s behind you…… What am amazing weekend team Painting Pixels have had, on Sunday evening we all went to watch the first of 9 performances of The World’s Biggest Pantomime…Cinderella, if you haven’t already, you need to get some tickets to go and see it, it’s sure to have you laughing from start to finish. […]

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Todays the Day! Cinderella Pantomime in Birmingham

Today is finally the day! make your way to the Barclaycard Arena in Birmingham and watch prepare for an adventure like no other and witness The Cinderella Pantomime like never before, in the worlds-biggest-panto.  


Cinderella Pantomime 3D Production is a Sell Out!

The team at Painting Pixels are in Birmingham to see the Cinderella in the Worlds biggest pantomime. We can finally sit back and watch with ‘much anticipation’ how the production is received and fingers crossed everyone enjoys all the hard work we have put in to the 3D stereoscopic animation. Looking around the massive Barclaycard […]

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